BEYOND BlueSeal Gingival Protection


Convenient, Gingival Protection Syringes

The BlueSeal creates a precise gingival barrier required when using dental-grade teeth whitening gels. BEYOND’s gingival protection comes with 2 different types of tips and finishes curing in just minutes. BlueSeal is applicable for use with any brand of teeth bleaching.

BY-PD02202, BY-PD02205

  • Gingival protection barrier for dental use
  • Easy-to-use syringe for precision application
  • Cures within seconds and stays in place
  • Simple post-treatment removal

Kit Contents

2/5 BlueSeal Syringes  (2.36g / 2.2mL)

2/5 Metal tips

2/5 Plastic tip


5pk, 2Pk


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