BEYOND® II Ultra Whitening Accelerator


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The Beyond II Ultra Whitening Accelerator is a reinvented version of our Beyond Power Whitening System, allowing whitening to be even more simple and affordable. This innovation, containing a high intensity LED light output, will assist in providing superior whitening results in a shorter treatment time. With its simultaneous, adjustable, and purifying functions, along with its lightweight design, the Beyond II Ultra Whitening Accelerator will help provide quality results for an affordable price.


Elegant – Chic and modern design that will be easily embraced by any dental practice.

Simultaneous – Allows for the effective treatment of two patients at the same time.

Unique – Advanced design allows for a portable system, allowing for ease of mobility through different rooms within the practice.

Adjustable – Whitening option can be set to gentle, normal, or intense light output settings for a tailored treatment that best suits each individual patient.

Digital – Simple and quick patient preparation and system operation with digital display control board.

Purifies – Using negative ions, the built in air purifier reduces airborne pollutants that may exist within the practice, actively contributing to a cleaner and healthier environment.



White, Color Coated


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