BEYOND Matcha Toothpaste 25Pcs/case

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Think Fresh, Think Nature!

BEYOND is proud to announce our newest additions to our award-winning line of whitening toothpaste. In addition to our legacy Pearl White whitening toothpaste, we are now pleased to introduce the next-generation formulas:

Charcoal & Sea Salt, Matcha and Rose Mint.

While each formula has unique features, all formulas contain quality all food grade ingredients to help gently whiten while freshening the breath.

  • 4.6 OZ / 130g

Matcha Toothpaste


  • Premium ingredients such as matcha green tea powder and tea tree oil work in tandem to provide a botanical freshness to compliment your bright, white smile.
  • Matcha green tea powder: The earthy and bitter notes of matcha provide a long-lasting herbal aroma to refresh your day.
  • Tea tree oil: This essential oil helps the toothpaste permeate your mouth and increases the longevity of its freshness.
  • Calcium peroxide aids in dissolving difficult-to-remove surface stains.


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